Stephen FosterMr. Foster’s program comprises a mix of musical performance and verbal exposition. Duration is about 45 minutes, preceded by informal circulation by Mr. Foster among the gathering audience. Mr. Foster accompanies himself on accordion in singing his songs, and audience members are encouraged to join in on songs with which they are familiar – for which wordbooks are circulated at the start of the program.

This program has proved to be of particular appeal to older audiences who usually sing along with many of the selections offered, since, for generations, Foster’s music was part of the culture of growing up and living in America. The program is not well suited for children or youth unfamiliar with Foster or his music.

Stephen Foster"Songs of Stephen Foster" is offered to interested groups within the Greater Cincinnati area for a performance fee of $150. However, retirement homes and other civic, church and social-service organizations serving the seniors market may secure waiver of this fee upon application at time of booking.

This program is offered on a flexible basis from late April through December. Please note that Mr. Foster limits his appearances in this regard to locations within the Greater Cincinnati/Tri-State area.

Mr. Foster has also advised that, as a possible alternative to the program described above, he is prepared to offer his music in "cabaret style," without verbal exposition or interactive sing-along, to provide entertainment during dinner or cocktails where this may be helpful to a non-profit organization engaged in fundraising or other promotional activity. Organizations interested in this alternative are invited to make inquiry to this end.

It should be noted that while Mr. Foster does not restrict casual photography or videography of his appearance, he does request that management announce that ladies should kindly remove their hats during the performance and that flowers should not be thrown upon the stage until the conclusion.