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Photographic Credits

Photographs of Stephen Foster, and images of historic sheet copies of his songs, included on this website are used by permission of the Foster Hall Collection at The Center for American Music, University of Pittsburgh Library Systems. The Stephen Foster Memorial Library, Museum and Archives at the Center for American Music are the pre-eminent resource for information on the life and music of Foster. Their website can be found at .

Photographs of the artist as Stephen Foster, and related images, are by Nicholas Massa of the Cincinnati Museum Center staff, whose creativity in this regard has made this website possible. For a portfolio of images taken by him of Cincinnati Union Terminal, i.e. Cincinnati Museum Center itself, go to .

Website Design

Mr. Foster would like to thank Photonics Inc., 2244 Park Avenue, Cincinnati OH 45206 (513-281-5000) for creation and maintenance of this website. For their own website see .

Substantive content on this site was provided by Mr. Foster, who is solely responsible for any errors or omissions therein, but without the assistance of Photonics Graphics and its principal Alan Brown in this undertaking, Mr. Foster would surely be “way down upon the Swanee River” without a paddle. He is very grateful indeed.